Saffron has different types that can be broken down as a type of saffron. I mean, the head’s broken, negin’s broken, and… Broken saffron consists of crushed stigmas of saffron, which are obtained in different stages of saffron cleaning and drying. There are many people who do not know the existence of this type of saffron and do not know its application.

What are the characteristics of broken saffron and how is it produced?

Soft saffron has exactly the same scent as saffron. The coloring power of this type of saffron is also excellent because it is only pure stigma or the red part of saffron. The only difference between this saffron and other types of saffron is the appearance of stigmas that have been broken by displacement. For this reason, this type of saffron has a lower price than others.

Broken Saffron

Another reason for breaking stigmas is sifting saffron in workshops and factories producing saffron products.

Application of Soft Saffron

There are many people who choose this type of saffron for consumption both at home and at work (restaurants, confectionery, ice cream shops, etc.). But you should note that the possibility of cheating on this type of saffron is very high.

Soft saffron can be used as a condiment in a variety of foods. Color a variety of stews and desserts with this type of saffron. Also, make a variety of herbal and traditional herbal teas using this type of saffron.

This type of saffron, like other types of saffron, can be blown at home and use it whenever needed.

Types of herbal tea with saffron

Because of the appearance of this type of saffron, it is possible to cheat easily. By painting or drying another plant instead of saffron, it sold at high prices. So if for any reason your choice is this type of saffron, be sure to buy it from reputable stores and individuals.

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